Pascals Sub Sluts: So Nice, So Naughty – Edi Alvina

Edi Alvina’s story is great. She’s 31 – but you wouldn’t know it to look at her, right? – and up to the start of this year she was so cripplingly shy that she used to see a shrink. Family get-togethers, going out to get a coffee, everything pretty much froze her to the spot. And then after years of saying she didn’t need medication she started to take it – and everything changed.

Always a woman with a fierce sexual appetite, she started camming and then shot a couple of naughty scenes with Bilbo Shaggins, who subsequently brought her to our door. Bilbo’s standing in for Pascal for a couple of weeks while the good doctor mends a knackered shoulder, and a damn fine seeing-to he gives her it must be said. Edi states it clear from the start: “I want to be treated like shit” and Bilbo doesn’t let her down.

Keep an eye out for an interview I did with Bilbo on Saturday, in which the naughty rapscallion talks about fucking one of his friends’ mums and the time he was fucking a couple of girls, one wearing the veil for her forthcoming wedding, when both their boyfriends walked in on the action. This is not a man you’d want anywhere near your woman.