PascalsSubSluts: Sadist’s Delight – Dehira

Dehira loves to cry. She loves being treated like doo-doo. Her old master used to lay into her full-force with a good old clobber or two and she loved that as well. She’s also got a ‘penchant’ for pretending that she’s 13 years old, something that her Daddy dom (who’s a different guy; greedy girl) doubtless appreciates. But we don’t because frankly that’s a bit beyond the pale. (Won’t stop us flagging it up again in the caption for her interview though.)

Dehira is a masochist. Today she finds herself working with a couple of perverted old sadists and her cunt’s gone all Alka-Seltzer. Ladies and gentlemen, you know what to expect.

(And for any Europhiles out there, please note the whisper of a similarity the young lady has to a certain Teresa May in the way she speaks and some of her manner. Or is that just wishful thinking on my part? If you get a sniff of it yourself, it may make her suffering all the more nourishing for you.)

Bitch does:
– Anal & vaginal fucking
– Physical & verbal domination
– Orgasms
– Squirting
– Crying
– Deepthroat & face-fucking
– Face-slapping & spitting
– Choking
– Spanking
– Masturbation
– Toy
– Cumshot (CIM & swallow)